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Our skin and hair care products. The visible side. In fact, there is another side and purpose that drives our brand.

Poverty alleviation.

We strive to make a difference on planet earth. Indeed, to make the world a better place.

Our Australian Co-Founder, Dr Mike Thair, has been involved in poverty alleviation for 30+ years.

Pictured is Dr Mike in a remote area of Myanmar working with teachers. For one thing, these schools are impoverished. Dr Mike’s work is not about charity. Instead, it’s all about empowerment. Facilitating new ideas. Notably, the teachers share our vision to make a difference and make the world a better place. And the local villages support these young teachers. These villagers are mainly uneducated farmers. They realise the importance of education. And it’s all about one issue, addressing poverty alleviation.

Interestingly, the young teachers Dr Mike is working with are not from this region, an ethnic minority province. On the contrary, they are city kids, young teachers, parachuted into the province. It is a cooperative dynamic between these young teachers and the local community. One of sharing. One of learning from each other. Imagine, coming from the city to a remote village with very few of the basics of the city. But these young teachers adapted well. And remained focused on their main task. Teaching.

At Indochine Natural we are not fans of charity. Poverty alleviation is about empowering poor people to generate their own solutions. In Viet Nam, we worked with farmers to grow and process loofah for our body loofah products. Also, on Penang Island, we have empowered rural intellectually disabled to produce household liquid cleaner. They make this from recycled cooking oil collected from restaurants.

Empowerment. An element you will find embedded in the Indochine Natural ethos. In particular, embedded in the story of the Indochine Natural founders.

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