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Want to know more about our Cosmetic Private Label /Contract Manufacturing Service?

Cosmetic Private label or Contract manufacturing service are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Consumer demand for such Private label brands might be related to individual brand characteristics such as demographics and socioeconomic variables.

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The outcome of these services is the same; a product you can sell. The difference is in the process. Private Labelling is the pick and play option, where you choose an already existing product from a manufacturer and put your brand name on it. Contract manufacturing is the DIY option, where you figure out each component of the product, from formulation to packaging, with help from a consultant or company.

Cosmetics sold under a private label are subject to the same regulatory oversight as any other brand.

Regulators – Regulation

Malaysian (ASEAN) cosmetic regulatory body – BPFK  – see QUEST 3 registration

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Who uses Cosmetic Private label /Contract Manufacturing Services?

A passionate boutique cosmetic brand owner, who looks for an experienced and reputable cosmetic manufacturer.
In fact, most people want to start with small lots as they don’t want to take big risks or invest large capital from the very beginning.

A homegrown cosmetic crafter who would like to take their business to the next level. Your home-crafted formula will be improved under the experience of our lead formulator, Dr. Mike. Rest assured that you’re going to get professional products as a result.

A spa, barbershop… who would like to have their own line of products.

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For our clients


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What we offer

We are your Contract Manufacturer of Personal Care, Kitchen Care, and Perfume Products.

We are a boutique manufacturer of pure natural and organic Personal Care products.

With our handcrafted traditional saponification method, your unique product ideas are something we would be more than willing to help with.

Indochine Natural has helped cosmetic brands, boutique companies with their private label (formulating, packing, and filling) endeavors. We specialize in small-scale private label. If you’re looking for few 100 > 10,000 pieces runs, we’re your ideal partner.

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Why should you choose us?

At Indochine Natural, we are all about facilitating the needs of your company and the needs of your products. We are using the tools at our disposal and the skill of our Malaysian artisans to produce high performance, unique quality products. We will take your product idea or formula, whether it be an organic body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or balm, and facilitate everything from formulation to packing to shipping to your designated warehouse.

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