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For Private Label customers, we always start with a 1Kg test batch. This provides samples for them to try with their target customers.

And if necessary, feedback from the test batch allows us to further tweak the formulation. These tweaks help to improve the product efficacy and fragrance.

This test batch shown in the photos is a Private Label Intense Hair Conditioner. It’s a complex formulation with thirteen (13) ingredients plus five (5) essential oils in the fragrance blend.

And the production is done by combining three (3) phases: the heated water phase; heated oil phase, and what we call the “cool-down phase.”

They bring both heated phases to 70 degrees centigrade. And maintained at this temperature for twenty (20) minutes. Our artisans then pour the heated water phase into the heated oil phase. Then mix well.

Next, they allow these two phases to cool to 45 degrees centigrade.

Then they add the cool-down phase, and mix well. It is this mixing phase that is critical. It determines the end viscosity. Our artisans require a good eye and judgement to detect the desired end point of the mixing.

The next stage is bottling.

After a day, we take samples for microbial testing in our microbiology lab. And if all is good, we sent the samples off to our Private Label customer for


All in the working day of our Master Malaysian Artisans. And we work under Certified GMP conditions.

Contact us if you are interested in Private Label Intense Hair Conditioner.



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