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……. let’s admit it. Guys like to be pampered. Discover Private Label Male Grooming Products.

We are witnessing the modernizing of the old-school barber experience. Friendly places where guys get cool. Modern haircuts. Trained and talented barbers who probably drink single-origin espresso. There’s an emphasis on service and aesthetics. Maybe a cocktail bar in the back, Coffee Shop, or even a record store.

Now that’s cool. Private label is making a comeback. Yes, your brand name will be noticed by customers.

But when it comes to grooming, the brand messaging goes very, very flat. More often than not, the menu includes mass-produced, synthetic-laden stuff. Now that’s not so cool.

You can have private-label male grooming products custom-made for your brand. Impress your customers with bespoke skin or hair care under your brand. And hey, you can retail these cool grooming products to your customers.

You need to meet one cool guy. Our Australian, Penang-based, Master Formulator Dr Mike Thair. He formulates for brands globally. He can formulate and produce products for you.

Get real. Get natural. Contact Dr Mike now. Put him to work on your private-label male grooming products. Shampoo, hair conditioner, beard and hair oils, face wash, face serums…. The list goes on.

And they are your creation. The competition will not carry the same products. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself. And stand out from the crown. And customers can not only enjoy these in your salon, but they will also want to buy and take them home.

Act now. Register your interest and details. We will get back to you. And you will be on your way to private-label male grooming products.


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