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Discover Indochine Natural Private Label Skin & Hair Care. Revitalise your brand.

The problem

Let’s face it. Skin & hair care is a crowded space. It’s difficult to differentiate your brand. And you know what, a lot of brands are looking similar these days. Why? It’s because most brands don’t manufacture themselves, they use Contract Manufacturers. And each manufacturer is doing many brands, using similar formulations. No wonder a lot of products are similar.

The solution

Escape the ordinary. Consider Private Label Skin & Hair Care. Discover Indochine Natural. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We think differently.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products all-natural, simple to use, and user-friendly. We are small batch and artisanal. So, you know your Private Label will be unique.

Why is Indochine Natural the one to solve your problem?

Our Australian Master Formulator is Penang Island-based, Dr Mike Thair. Recognised globally as a master of his craft. Quiet and unassuming, Dr Mike prefers to work in the background.

His formulations are a testament to the golden age of artisanal skin and hair care from the end of the nineteenth century. He is now passing these forgotten skills onto our team of talented and dedicated Malaysian artisans.

We are experienced in Private Label Skin & Hair Care.

Skin and hair care manufacturing has moved from the atelier into the laboratory. Retail shelves are overcrowded with synthetic products. Consumers are overwhelmed with unnatural smells. They have lost their ability to appreciate the subtlety of natural fragrances.

There has been a renaissance of traditional crafts. Smart Indie brands have recognised this. They co-opt masters like Dr Mike. It’s part of a renewed focus on showcasing forgotten artisanal skills. A focus on buying less and buying better.  Consumers are questioning the way products are being made. Questioning who made their skin and hair care.

An important principle at Indochine Natural is that the experience makes the product, not the features.

How is our solution different from other options?

Dr Mike’s ingredient choice is simple. All ingredients must be of plant origin. And harvested by human hands. Ingredient transparency is paramount. Full traceability of every plant ingredient used is a must. This is a feature of our Private Label Skin & Hair Care

Dr Mike has passed on his skills to our team of Malaysian artisans. Natural ingredients are a difficult mistress to master. They are quirky and expensive. They need your full attention. Each formulation can take days, weeks or even months to perfect.

It’s no wonder modern formulators prefer to work with synthetics. They are cheap and easily adapted to mechanisation.

Working with all-natural plant ingredients is different. Each product batch is handcrafted by our artisans. We do not use mechanisation. It’s time-consuming. Soap bars take at least 30-days. Shampoo and body wash requires four to five days. The product turnaround time from order to shipping is around one month.

And the customers, what is their reaction? They instinctively recognise something different about artisanal all-natural products. Their focus is product experience. They detect the products are different. Most become instant converts. Many remain loyal customers for years.

What to do next?

Is your brand is looking to differentiate itself in the all-natural marketplace? Then discover the lost artisanal crafts and all-natural fragrances that are so rare nowadays. Contact Dr Mike today.

But be warned. His rare skills are in demand. He rejects more brands than he accepts. We only take on what we can handle comfortably.

And, if you contact Dr Mike, you will need to excite him with your brand message. Remember, be genuine, and transparent.

Contact Dr Mike today.

Escape the ordinary. Discover Indochine Natural today.

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