Private Label Natural Skin & Hair Care


When it comes to formulating Private Label Skin & Hair Care, our Australian Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, is fond of the following saying:

“I’d rather be the best answer in a niche market than the mass market where I can’t dominate market share and margins.”

There is no doubt about it. “Natural” is the buzz word in skin and hair care. So we see a lot of brands in the mass market greenwashing their ingredients and brand messaging to go “natural.” Read  product ingredient lists. They are still formulated using synthetics.

The Indochine Natural approach?

Our artisan made products  use all-natural distillations and cold process oils from plants. Ingredients human labor can only harvest. We don’t use synthetics.

Millenials read ingredient lists. They are savvy when it comes to ingredients. They are looking for quality. Transparency.

Therefore, if you want to differentiate your brand. And, go all-natural.  Then  you need to consider Indochine Natural Private Label Natural Skin Care.

First, Indochine Natural is one of only a handful of companies globally that has refined traditional methods of producing natural skin and hair care products. And, we do not use synthetics. Notably, the all-natural body and hair care products niche is the fastest growing sector in cosmetics.  At Indochine Natural we can create all-natural products that will be the envy of your competitors.

Second, to get the edge over competitors, you need our Australian, Master Formulator, on your side. Penang Island-based, Dr. Mike Thair can work with you to create superlative products for your brand. Importantly, his focus is quality. He will create outstanding products for your brand.

Above all, our Penang Island production facility is GMP and Halal certified. We provide quality you can trust.

And yes, we ship worldwide.

IMPORTANT: Before your products can be released onto the market in Malaysia, you company and products must be registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Malaysia. We can assist you with this process. There are two options. First, your company can register, and nominate Indochine Natural as the manufacturer. Second, we can register you product name  (including company name) under Indochine Natural.

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