Natural Body Wash

The demands of modern life is hard on your skin and spirit. Firstly, have a moment during your daily bathing ritual to rest. Replenish. Secondly, the exotic fragrances will carry you away to a time and place where life moved more calmly. Finally, enjoy a place where body care is a beautiful, natural, whole-body experience.

Discover Natural Body Wash.

Our body washes are all-natural. Artisan crafted from a special blend of whole plant oils and pure essential oil fragrance. As a result, they cleanse and balance all skin types. Skin-friendly.  Because our  body washes hydrate and rinse without irritating. Without drying, or stripping the skin of moisture. This reduces epidermal stress, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished.

The Benefits of Bathing Rituals

You owe it to yourself. Begin your day with a body wash bathing ritual. Refreshes mind, body, and senses.

Products  inspired by the traditional remedies of the Spice Islands. Artisan made on Penang Island, Malaysia.

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