Benefits of natural soap

Discover the benefits of  Natural Soap made by Indochine Natural?

We have all been there. Dull, lifeless looking skin. Skin irritations and you just don’t know the causes. As a result, you have spent a lot of money on finding solutions. And here you are. In fact, nothing has changed.

The solution is that you need to discover all-natural soap. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and economical. And, natural soap does not contain synthetics, the cause of many skin problems.


How are we different from other natural soap producers?

Our soap is formulated by our Australian, Penang Island-based, Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair. He is a global expert in his field.

Our focus is quality that you can trust. We are GMP Certified.  Also,  Halal Certified. We employ a full-time Malaysian Quality Manager. Our soap is handcrafted by experienced Malaysian artisans.

And how confident are we about our products? If you are not satisfied with our soap, no worries. In fact, we offer an immediate replacement or refund.