Essential Oils to Enhance Your Life

Be who you really want to be

Discover how to use essential oils to enhance your life. Become the person you want to be. The secret is personal optimisation.

Experience the natural benefits of our 100% pure essential oils. These can be used in many ways. Firstly, try combining them with an oil base for massage.  Or, use in candles and room diffusers to create an ambiance in your living spaces. Another use includes three to eight drops in your bath water, foot baths, room, and linen sprays.

Define the person you want to be by creating your own personal perfumes.  Because they are all-natural, essential oils are a better option to the more common synthetic fragrances. Use essential oils in a carrier oil to create subtle, intimate fragrances. Something that only you notice, or perhaps your sweetheart. Applied to the skin’s pulse points, your body warmth allows these luxurious perfume oils to radiate and evolve. Ideal for those who prefer a richer, more discreet scent without synthetics or alcohol.

Why purchase from Indochine Natural?

We are artisans, not salespeople. We work with essential oils every day.

At our Penang production facility, we source essential oils from around the world. We guarantee customers the best quality. Therefore, all oils are personally selected and vetted by our Australian  Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair. He has 30+ years of experience. He insists that all oils come with a Certificate of Analysis. Also required is a full Chromatographic profile and allergens analysis.

Feel safe in the knowledge our oils are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

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