Natural Travel Solutions

No need to leave home without your favourite Indochine Natural travel solutions. These handy 50 mL products are ideal for vacation and business trips. Or, keep them at your office for a quick freshen up.

Stress-Free Travel & Vacations

Staying stress free is the key to keeping your skin looking its best when travelling. You can manage stress with aromatherapy. We recommend packing a couple of your favourite fragrances from our essential oil collection.

Keep your skincare routine regular once you’ve reached your destination. Don’t ignore your routine and start using the synthetic amenties in hotels. The last thing you want to do when you’re already going through a stressful journey is stress out your skin with an assortment of new products.

Our travel-sized options of Indochine Natural products are your answer.

Also ideal as a sampler before buying the larger sized products. Can also make an ideal gift.

Artisan made on Penang Island, Malaysia.

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