Olive Leaf Teas

A Selection of Teas for the Health Conscious

It’s a hectic modern life. Choices we make will affect how well we manage and survive.

It’s all about personal optimization

Discover our crafted premium olive leaf teas range. Benefit from  the health and healing benefits of potent olive antioxidants. They will help you be your best.

What are the Health Benefits

Olive leaf teas contain potent antioxidants. They provide a multitude of benefits.  These naturally occuring antioxidants from olive trees  include Oleuropein and Hyroxytyrosol.

Moreover, our olive leaf tea is all-natural and fully traceable from the grove to your cup. Additionally, it is a refreshing drink that can provide a daily uplift and help promote general wellbeing.

When combined with high quality, hand-selected herbs in our wellness range, these olive leaf teas can help promote your general wellbeing.

About Olive Leaf Tea

Stone & Grove olive leaf teas use fresh olive leaves.  In addition, using a traditional Japanese process, the tea is harvested seasonally.

Where are the Olive Trees Grown?

The Grove is in Boundry Bend, Victoria, Australia. In fact, Boundary Bend is Australia’s leading producer of premium extra virgin olive oil. Also, it is home to Australia’s two top-selling home-grown olive oil brands, Cobram Estate and Red Island.

History of Olive Leaf Tea

The olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt.  As a result, since ancient times, olive leaves have been  in human diets as an extract, herbal tea and powder because of their natural healing properties.

Olive leaf tea is one of the most common, traditional herbal teas used by Mediterranean people. For centuries it has been a refreshing beverage. Also for the prevention and treatment of conditions and diseases.

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