In the Lab

New product development is an ongoing process in the lab. This is both for the Indochine Natural brand, and Private Label/OEM for other companies.

New product developed is handled by our Australian Co-Founder and Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair.

Conceptual and Formulation Stages

The process can be broken down into a number of stages. Firstly is the conceptual stage. Here we discuss broadly the concept and aims of a new product. It is then important to define the product precisely. The definition should include the product functions,  and what the product should achieve. For example, is it a cleanser, or moisturizer?  Also important are the product aesthetics. These include   colour, clarity, viscosity etc.

Next comes a starting formulation. From the starting formulation you can evaluate ingredient availability and costing. It is also important to have a long horizon when thinking about ingredient availability. If an ingredient ecomes scarce in six months, you have a problem.

Test Batch Stage

Next step is to produce a test batch in the lab. Notes and observations should be recorded for each step.

Once you’ve finished the test batch, you need to test and trial it. Check that the pH and viscosity are to specification. Carry out some performance tests to see how well the product functions.  We then try the product among ourselves.

If the product doesn’t quite meet our expectations, we make adjustments and re-batch. This may be repeated a number of times.

Once a formulation is to our satisfaction, we then do  then do a stability test. We also do preservative efficacy tests.

Next comes scaling up the test batch to production size, and checking that the production equipment can cope. At the same time we are working on selecting packaging for the product.  Artwork needs to be prepared for the packaging.

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