Natural Face Wash for purifying & cleansing

Suffering with sensitive skin?  Want  to be one with nature? Therefore, discover natural Face Wash for purifying & cleansing. If you can check any of these boxes, natural face wash is definitely for you. Notably, Indochine Natural face wash is ideal for those who are struggling to find the right skincare products. Our face wash is free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.

We produce skin-nourishing natural face wash that provides you with a few minutes of “me-time” while cleansing your face. Also, at night repeat to cleanse any impurities accumulated during the day.

In fact, our Natural Face Wash for purifying & cleansing is made using pure, extra virgin olive oil. Truly, it will effectively remove impurities without drying the skin. Your skin will be left feeling clean and fresh.

We recommend, our natural Face Wash for purifying & cleansing day and night. Follow your face cleansing with a light application of our organic face oil.

Artisan made on Penang Island, Malaysia. Formulated by our Australian Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair.

Not happy with our face wash? No worries. We offer immediate replacement or refund.

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