Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

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Cinnamon Bark Pure Essential Oil (10 mL) Pure

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Cinnamon Bark essential oil has a calming and a sweet aroma.  It instantly soothes your mind and the soul. For creativity, this fragrance can usher in inspiration.

Cinnamon has a long and colorful history. The Egyptians used cinnamon in mummification. The Greeks and Romans in religious ceremonies. During the spice trade era, cinnamon was in high demand for use in perfumes. It can have powerful influences on perfume blends, especially in blends with floral oils. But use sparingly in blends, it may cause skin irritations.

Cinnamon trees yield essential oils from its leaves, root, bark, and leaves. Each has a different composition. At Indochine Natural, we are most interested in the essential oil from the bark. This oil has a powerful, warm and spicy fragrance. The top note is fresh and fruity. There is a dry and dusty dry out note we appreciate.

Cinnamon is stimulating and refreshing. The fragrance sensually calms the nerves. Use it to diminish the harshness of the day. Can create a sensual atmosphere. Diffusion of cinnamon can energise a sluggish mind. Try it in a blend after lunch to rev up office creativity and productivity.

Blending Suggestion

For a deodorising room fragrance try 1 drop of cinnamon, 3 drops of clove, 3 drops of cedarwood, 6 drops of tea tree, and 6 drops of lemon essential oils.


Botanical Name: Cinnamon zeylanicum

Plant part used: Bark

Method of Extraction: Steam distillation

Colour: Pale straw to yellow

Perfumery Note: Middle


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