Eco Friendly
Washing Powder (400 grams)

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A lifesaver for those with sensitive skin prone to aggravation from regular cleaning detergents. Many conventional laundry detergents contain synthetic surfactants.  Then there are the dyes and artificial fragrances. All known to cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.

So we said enough is enough. We came out with our eco friendly washing powder.

What does this mean to you?

This laundry powder is made entirely from our cold process soap offcuts. The ingredients are natural vegetable oils. There are no added chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and it is fully biodegradable. It’s suitable for delicate fabrics and baby clothes.

The best part is that it’s flexible. You have some options. First, dissolve some powder into a large jug of water. It may take a few hours, and regular stirring will help. This produces a concentrated soap solution. Store it and use it when required. It’s great for washing delicate clothes. Second, just pour some washing powder into your tub as usual.

Ingredients + Routine

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate (Palm Oil), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil), Water, Essential Oils.

Routine: To each full washing load add three heaped tablespoons directly into the washing tub with the clothes. Do not add the powder to the washing machine auto-dispenser.

Also suitable for hand washing.

What to expect

Product texture: Cream coloured granules and powder.

Results: Clean and fresh clothes without the risk of skin aggravation from chemicals.

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3 reviews for Eco Friendly
Washing Powder (400 grams)

    4 out of 5


    When I first used this, my clothes came out a little gummy after a while. But now I use this in combination with washing soda and borax, and my clothes are perfectly clean! I love that this product uses off-cuts from the manufacturing of soap bars – minimal waste and fully biodegradable is my kind of cleaning product 🙂



      Thank you Alia for your great compliment and tips on how to improve the washing condition. We are much appreciated.



    I use this for handwashing …like my baby clothes and delicate fabric..smells really good..calming

    5 out of 5


    I diluted this into a liquid solution to hand wash my delicate garments. It makes my garments clean, smell really nice and its effective in removing stains too! Definitely worth every cents and would repurchase it in the future.

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