Eco Friendly Dish Wash Soap No Fragrance (200 Grams) Solid


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This solid dish washing soap has excellent cleaning properties. Use it in cold water. It is long-lasting and 100% biodegradable. Available in Fragrance-Free, and Lemongrass.

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Avoid synthetic cleaners. Make the change now. Detox your home.

This solid Eco Friendly Dish Wash Soap No Fragrance has excellent cleaning properties.  Use it in cold water.  It is long-lasting and 100% biodegradable.  Available in Fragrance-Free, and Lemongrass.

What does this mean to you?

Some of the harshest household products are cleaners.  And every day, consumers use a wide range of these products.  Detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, scourers, polishes, specialized cleaners for bathrooms, drains, and ovens.  All designed to keep your home clean and sweet-smelling.

Without exception, they contain synthetic fragrances and some toxic chemicals.  Through aggressive advertising, many of these products seem like old family friends.  But, the fact remains, using these products exposes you to potential toxins.  You inhale these.  Absorb them through your skin.  That’s why you need to use our Eco Friendly Dish Wash Soap No Fragrance

Cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazard they pose.  It depends on your personal sensitivities.  Some cause immediate hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation.  Other effects may include watery eyes or chemical burns.  In the longer term, other ingredients may cause chronic, or long-term, effects such as cancer.

Synthetic fragrances added to many cleaners can cause immediate discomfort.

Eco Friendly Dish Wash Soap No Fragrance

Our approach is simple.  We make our Dish Wash Soap No Fragrance from recycled cooking oil.  This is collected from Halal restaurants.  We have developed an approach where we saponify this recycled oil.  This process turns the oil into a solid soap.  Thus, in one process we are recycling a waste product, plus producing a cleaner.

Think about it

It doesn’t matter how sensitive you are, this dish wash will be safe to use.  It is long-lasting and will last for many weeks.  Just sit it on your kitchen sink.  Moisten a scourer sponge with water, then scrape some of the soap onto the scourer.  It will effectively clean the dirtiest of dishes.

Quality you can trust

Additional information

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Ingredients + Routine

Aqua, sodium palmate (recycled cooking oil collected from Halal restaurants).

Use a circular motion on the surface of the dish wash soap to lather up a moistened dish cloth, loofah or sponge. Scrub dishes and cutlery as normal, rinse well. For stubborn dirt, soak overnight.

What To Expect


Product texture:
Hard, lathers easily.

Sparkling clean dishes and cutlery and a clean conscience.

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  1. Hafizah

    Easy to use,but need to keep it dry in between washing..cleans quite well..the most important thing,no issue with toxic chemicals in contact with our hand or environment..

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