Face Loofah

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Ingredients + Routine

All-natural plant material made from a climbing vine (Luffa acutangula) that is widely cultivated for food and sponge uses, and has been used in bathhouses and kitchens for centuries.

Wet the face loofah with water, and squeeze a few times to soften. Apply facial wash or soap to the loofah. Move the loofah in small circles over your face and neck skin, pressing gently. Rinse completely and gently pat your skin with a soft, clean towel. Wash the loofah thoroughly, then hang to dry.

What to expect

Product texture:
Soft (slightly rough) natural fibre

Skin feel:
Deeply cleansed and glowing

Out of stock

2 reviews for Face Loofah

  1. cheerybell@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5


    I never knew that you could use loofah to exfoliate the face. I love this face loofah because my face is all smooth and soft after using it.

  2. peterhng@hotmail.com


    too bad it’s out of stock for so long!

    • office@indochinenatural.com


      Yes, the face loofah is sadly missed. We were growing these in Viet Nam, however, have been unsuccessful in Malaysia.

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