lavender essential oil
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Lavender Essential Oil (10 mL) Pure

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Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular botanical oils. This is due to its soothing aroma. The herb itself is used to scent bath water.  Today, aromatherapy and massage use this oil extensively.  Also, found in the cosmetic and fragrance industries.

The flowers of lavender are fragrant. So, used for making potpourri for centuries. Also, lavender essential oil is in perfumes.

Lavender Essential Oil is floral. It is popular with females. For men’s blends, try blending with oils from the citrus, mint and conifer families.

Cautions with Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is well known for its sedative properties.  And the ability to calm stress and anxiety. But, there are some cautions. For example, if used in excess, it can actually act as a stimulant. Also, the oil contains a high level of allergens. Thus, caution required for  those with sensitivities to these allergens.


Botanical Name: Lavandula augustifolia x latifolia

Plant part used: Grass leaves

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Colour: Deep yellow to orange-brown

Perfumery Note: Top/Middle



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    Love this gorgeous scent! I apply every night before go to bed.
    Somethings bring along. It makes me calm

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