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Orange Sweet Essential Oil (10 mL) Pure

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Orange Sweet Essential Oil is an amazingly uplifting fragrance. It is also very versatile and affordable. And one of the most popular aromatherapy essentials.

The fragrance is cheerful.  A popular choice in diffusers to improve the ambiance of  stale-smelling rooms. Also popular for use in cleaning around the home. Add 10 drops of sweet orange oil to a cup of water and use a clean sponge to wipe the surfaces with this mixture. Allow to dry naturally. Since it is non-toxic, you don’t need to rinse the surfaces again. Another option is to use a spray bottle to  spray on surfaces as you wipe them down. Your kitchen will be clean and smell great.

Unlike most essential oils that are extracted using steam distillation, most citrus oils, including Orange Sweet Oil are extracted by cold pressing the rinds of the orange. The next time that you peel an orange (or other citrus fruit), try pressing a portion of the rind between your fingers, and you should be able to smell the intense aroma of the essential oil escaping the rind.

“Orange is bright and lively, with a warm glow of copper. It disperses fear of the unknown and helps release obsessions, creating a positive outlook, particularly with regard to emotional tangles.” Valerie Ann Worwood, in Aromantics, Pan Books, 1987.


Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

Plant part used: Fruit peel

Method of Extraction: Cold press

Colour: Orange to deep orange brown

Perfumery Note: Top



2 reviews for Orange Sweet Essential Oil (10 mL) Pure



    Love this Sweet orange oil.
    I am a heavy user on this oil.
    Put few drop of sweet orange oil n lavender in diffuser give me a good nite sleep..!!



    This is my favourite EO so far. Love the refreshing scent!

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