Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Sweet Basil Pure Essential Oil (10 mL)

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Sweet Basil essential oil is a stimulating, go-getting fragrance. Therefore, it sharpens senses and concentration. Clarifies your intellect. A fresh, sweet, and rather spicy fragrance.

The Basil plant originates from tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands.  These days, cultivated throughout Europe and the USA. An annual hairy herb growing up to 1 metre high.

A top note that adds a fresh lift to any blend.  Have a smell of basil before starting crucial business meetings. Or for those needing to keep alert and be aware of their surroundings, try a basil pick-me-up.

This crisp smelling essential oil is used in aromatherapy. It awakens the mind to clarity of thought and steadies the nerves.

Blends Well With:

Bergamot, clary sage, lavender, orange sweet, and rosemary.


Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum

Plant part used: Flowering plant

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Colour: Pale straw to yellow

Perfumery Note: Top



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