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Cosmetics manufacturing – a tour of our facility.

Did you know ?

Around 90% of cosmetics brands do not make their own products? In fact, they outsource their cosmetics manufacturing to factories known as Contract Manufacturers. As a result, many brands do not have much control over what happens in these factories.

At Indochine Natural we do things differently. Notably, we do our own cosmetics manufacturing. Firstly, we buy high-quality ingredients. Next, we check their quality in our own laboratories. Then our Malaysian artisans handcraft our products using traditional methods. Next, our laboratories check the finished product quality. Finally, our Quality Manager then releases the products for sale if they meet our high standards.

All of this happens in a high-quality production facility. The facility is certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our Australian Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, is in charge of product creation and formulation.

Of course, many brand owners don’t want to show you where they make products.

Want to have a peep into our cosmetics manufacturing facility?

We are different and transparent. Check out the video and see our production facility. Click on the video link here.

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