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Microbes, not what you want to see in your all-natural skincare products.

There are two reasons preservatives are added to products.  First, to prevent microbial spoilage and thus prolong product shelf life. Second, to protect the consumer from potential infections. Chemical preservatives prevent microbial growth. A growing number of consumers are questioning preservative safety.

So, we see a growing interest in the development of preservative-free or self-preserving cosmetics.

Here, chemical preservatives are replaced by other cosmetic ingredients with antimicrobial properties. ‘Hurdle Technology’ has been used in the food industry since the 1970s. And it has also been applied to self-preserving cosmetics.

What is Hurdle Technology?  It describes the intelligent combination of different preservation factors. Combined, these will restrict Microbiol growth. But it must be applied by a qualified cosmetic scientist, and the production facility should have a laboratory for testing results.

The key elements of self-preserving cosmetics include strict good manufacturing practices (GMP). Combined with appropriate packaging, low water activity, and low or high pH values. These elements appropriately combined can restrict microbial growth in cosmetic formulations. Also important is the need to formulate with non-chemical multifunctional antimicrobial ingredients. These include plant-derived essential oils and extracts.

So self-preserving cosmetics are a growing trend. But, unfortunately, a lot of unqualified amateurs also claim their homemade cosmetics are self-preserving. As a consumer, how can you be confident the product is safe?

At Indochine Natural we use Hurdle Technology. None of our products uses chemical preservatives. So, how do we ensure our products are safe?

First, a qualified expert formulates our products. Our Penang-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair. Second, our production premises are certified GMP. Third, every product must pass a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) in an internationally certified laboratory. Fourth, all products are microbial tested in our laboratory before being released by our QC Manager.

Therefore, we are confident about our quality. And about self-preserving cosmetics.

We are now in an age of transparency. Genuine skincare brands should share this information.

Dr Mike Thair

Co-Founder and Master Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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