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Illipe Butter Product Development



We are currently working on evaluating what we call Borneo Butter. This is more commonly known as Illipe butter. It is produced from the seeds from the  Shorea  stenoptera tree which can be found in Borneo.  This tree can grow up to can grow up to 30 metres tall. The seed is usually harvested from the wild.  When ripe, the 5 cm seeds fall to the ground. People who live near the forest collect these seeds.They are then boiled.  This softens the thin but hard shell so it can be opened, and to sterilize bacteria.  Subsequently, the seeds are dried in the sun for several days. They  and then  pressed in a simple oil presses. The  crude oil from the press is then vacuum filtered.

The first inhabitants of Borneo where the Dayaks. They have been making fat from these Illipe nuts for many centuries. This fat has therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Illipe butter has long lasting moisturizing attributes.  It is most renown for its skin softening quality.

Illipe butter’s chemical composition is similar to that of cocoa or shea butter. It melts in contact with the skin. This makes  Illipe butter suitable for making soap bars, lip and body balms, creams, lotions, and face/body masks. It can also be used  in hair conditioners.

Borneo Butter is an Ethical Ingredient

By  using this ingredient  we are helping to protect the endangered Shorea  stenoptera tree. Income derived from the Borneo Butter contributes directly to the livelihood and welfare of the Dayak tribes. This allows them  to  rely on these virgin rain forests. Unfortunately, these forests are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. The Dayak tribes can continue to make a living from the goods they harvest from their forests. So,  they can continue to live in and protect their forests.

Product Development Progress

First steps are to understand this ingredient and its properties. We look firstly at all of the physical characteristics, and check each of these. Next are the organoleptic tests (odor, color, texture, and appearance).

Our first product trial will be to use Borneo Butter in a simple, no fragrance soap. Once this soap is evaluated, we will then consider developing the soap formulation further. Next step will be commercialisation of the soap.

Based on this experience, we will then look at developing other products using Borneo Butter.





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