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New Hair Conditioner

We are currently well down the path of finalising a formulation for a new hair conditioner. We are using conditioning oils. These include Sesame, Wheat Germ and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Additionally, we have added Nettle Extract and Horsetail Extract.

During the first few months of development we  perfected the basic formulation. Viscosity is always a challenge when developing a new hair conditioner.

In producing a hair conditioner, we work with three phases. There is the Heated Water Phase, Heated Oil Phase, and the Cool Down Phase. We heat the  Water Phase and Oil Phase to 70 Centigrade in a double boiler. We maintain this temperature for 20 minutes. These phases are removed from the heat, and the Water Phase is then added to the Oil Phase, and mixed. When cooled to 45 Centigrade, the Cool Down Phase is added. The mixture is then mixed, and allowed to cool.

The next task is to scale up the recipe to a bigger batch. We have currently been working with only 1 Kg test batches. With this larger batch we will check that our filling machine will work with this product.  Next, we will also send off a sample to our contracted lab to perform the Preservative Efficiency Test. This laboratory test will take about 5-6 weeks. At the same time, in our own lab, we will start what we call the Rapid Stability Test.  The test will take about 3 months to complete. This is to ensure  the formulation remains stable for a proposed two year use-by-date.

Expected Release Date

Currect projections indicate that this product will be ready for release in the first quarter of 2018.

As this procuct contains synthetic preservatives, we may not include it under the Indochine Natural brand. It will certainly be available for Private Label brands.


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