Rosemary Essential Oil (10mL) Pure Oil


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Rosemary essential oil can be a surprise. Because it can be best described as a warm and penetrating aroma. But, at the same time, stimulating. And also refreshing and invigorating. Notably, this oil has a long reputation for keeping the mind alert and focused.

Rosemary was one of the earliest plants to be used in medicine. Also in religious rites. During the middle ages, it was used to smoke out devils during exorcism. Traditionally used in skin and hair care for centuries

Bathing Ritual and Blending Tip for Rosemary Essential Oil

If you are feeling flat because you have just broken up with your lover. Your boss giving you a hard time, or life is getting on top of you? Then try this. Nothing puts zip into your day faster than a drop or two of essential oils on your face cloth under the shower. For this reason, try a blend of Rosemary and Lemon. Rosemary to stimulate your general mood. And lemon as an antidepressant.

Rosemary essential oil can be a good oil in blends. Also, it is versatile. Therefore, try blending with most other essential oils. Try with lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

“Rosemary is royal in stature. It stimulates your sensitivity like ambrosia – the liquid of the gods. It increases creativity by lifting exhaustion and it philosophically awakens your heart.” Valerie Ann Worwood, in Aromantics, Pan Books, 1987.

Improve memory, reduce anxiety, and help with sleep

Scientific research in 2018 has shown that Rosemary could boost prospective and retrospective memory, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality in university students. The study was “Effects of Rosmarinus officinalis L. on memory performance, anxiety, depression, and sleep quality in university students: A randomized clinical trial.” Published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, Volume 30, February 2018, Pages 24-28”

Botanical Name: Rosemarinus officinalis

Plant part used: Flowering tops and leaves

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Colour: Pale straw yellow

Perfumery Note: Middle

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