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Customers switching to natural hair care say that their hair feels stiff, sticky, or “different.”  As a matter of fact, this is to be expected if you know what is taking place.

Today’s chemical-based shampoo formulations go beyond just cleansing.   Extra benefits consumers expect are conditioning and smoothing. Therefore, to provide these results, chemical shampoos contain a wide variety of ingredients. For example, these include co-surfactants, vitamins, and pro-vitamins, protein derivatives, silicones, ‘active ingredients’, plus conditioning polymers.

The fact is that these synthetic materials cling to the hair shaft.  For example, silicone derivatives. In fact, these trap other synthetic chemicals.

With synthetic-free hair care, things are different. In general, one application of a chemical-free shampoo cannot remove it. Depending on what products you have been using, and for how long, it can take 2-6 weeks to detox. For some, it could take 3-4 months. These inconveniences will disappear as your hair adjusts and detoxes to your new care regime.

And natural shampoo does not include the “glide and slide” synthetics that, when wet, makes your hair feel so smooth. With natural shampoo, your hair may feel tangled when wet. But once dried, you will enjoy smooth, thorough cleanliness with any synthetics.

Natural hair care – shampoo

Perhaps you are frustrated in your search for a natural shampoo? Indochine Natural produces Tropical Sunrise Shampoo. Especially relevant, our shampoo is free from all synthetics. We produce this using only whole plant oils. What can be more natural than that?  As a result, it delivers chemical-free shine and a great essential oil fragrance. Most noteworthy, we use only whole plant oils. So, it is globally unique, and vegan.

Most of all, discover the powerful cleansing qualities. And the high lathering properties. As a result, your scalp is moisturised, hair revitalised. Also, it will be soft and silky. So, you will feel better. And others will notice.

Escape the ordinary. Discover artisan-made skin and natural hair care products made only from plant ingredients harvested by human hands. Discover Indochine Natural today.⁣

Buy online. Or from our Factory Retail Outlet. M-F 9:00—5:00.

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Dr. Mike Thair

Co-founder & Chief Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd


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