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Benefits of natural soap

Discover the benefits of  Natural Soap made by Indochine Natural? We have all been there. Dull, lifeless looking skin. Skin irritations, and we just don't know the causes. As a…



Cosmetic Clays for Beautiful Skin

Do you want smoother and softer looking skin? Is your skin lacking  a nice natural "glow" ? As a result, does it look patchy? Or, perhaps not 100% clean? Discover…



Essential Oils to Enhance Your Life

Be who you really want to be Discover how to use essential oils to enhance your life. Become the person you want to be. The secret is personal optimisation. Experience…



Household cleaning products

Skin & Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning We have all been there. Looking for safe, all-natural household cleaning products. And what are we presented with? First, a lot of greenwashing. Second,  vague…



Limited Edition

In the spirit of true artisans, we create Limited Editions of unique products. These are not for everyone. They are for people who care about how and why things are…



Loofah for radiant skin - glowing & clean

Looking for younger, brighter looking skin? A completely natural approach is to use  loofah. These have been used since ancient times for producing radiant skin - glowing and clean. In…


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Natural Body Wash will hydrate, cleanse

Discover how to win back healthy glowing skin. Let's face it, our skin can get a bit tired and worn out. And not looking as healthy as it could be.…


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Natural Face Wash for purifying & cleansing

Suffering with sensitive skin? Looking for natural products?  Also struggling to find the right skincare products? Products that you can trust? The solution Therefore, discover natural Face Wash for purifying…



Natural Room Sprays For Relaxation

 Define your home. Define your refuge. Naturally. Discover natural room sprays for relaxation. Your home is a very personal space. Therefore, you can harness natural essential oil fragrance to make…



Natural Shampoo Revitalize Restore

Experiencing hair problems? Certainly, sometimes it's just not a great hair day. Hair drop. Not to mention greasiness or environmental damage.  In addition, perhaps odor problems. The solution to hair…



Natural Travel Solutions

We have all been there Checked into a nice hotel for holiday or business. But the bathroom amenties are just not up to standard.  No need to leave home without…



Olive Leaf Teas

A Selection of Teas for the Health Conscious It's a hectic modern life. Choices we make will affect how well we manage and survive. It's all about personal optimization Discover…


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Organic Face Oil to hydrate

We know the challenges. Dry flaky skin. A dull, lifeless complexion. The solution? In this case, discover Organic Face Oil to hydrate. Why choose Indochine Natural organic face oil? To…



Penang artisan-made gift ideas

Stuck with deciding on a meaningful gift? Want to give something made in Malaysia, or made in Penang? We retail handmade skin and hair care products artisan made on Penang…