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This question comes up repeatedly from consumers. “May I know whether the essential oils available for purchase on your website are therapeutic grade essential oil.”

And my reply……

In the essential oil industry, there are no such grades as “therapeutic” or “aromatherapy.” These terms are not used by producers or traders in commercial oil sales. Consequently, no government agency or professional organisation certifies oils as a therapeutic or aromatherapy grade. Because there is no organization that oversees therapeutic quality,  the definition is really up to anyone to decide. These are terms that are invented by advertising people or dishonest traders.

Certificates of analysis do not specify therapeutic grade essential oil

Consequently, as a buyer, you should ask suppliers relevant questions about the quality of their oils. The important thing to know is the methods of extraction. Some methods can contaminate the oil.  Also, you should be provided with the laboratory Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The CoA should have a Lot Number. Some suppliers in Malaysia will try to pass the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) off as a CoA. You should never accept this. The MSDS has nothing to do with quality.

You should not find CoAs specifying therapeutic grade essential oil.

Therefore, At Indochine Natural we only import oils that have a clearly marked Lot Number. They also must have a  CoA.  We also require an analysis of the allergens. We are one of the few companies in Malaysia that demand these standards. Anyone buying our essential can have this certification on request. We have nothing to hide.

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Dr. Mike Thair

Founder and Managing Director

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

Dr. Mike Thair

Founder and Managing Director
Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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