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Trends Impacting International Skin and Hair Care Products



Mid-year and it’s time for Indochine Natural to look at 2019 trends impacting international skin and hair care. We like to benchmark Indochine Natural against these trends.

(1) Sustainability and ethical conduct

Brands in 2019 are reaping the benefits of giving back. Consumers are demanding cruelty-free, Fair Trade, and transparency.

How is Indochine Natural doing?

1.1 We operate under Fair Trade Standards. Check out our Fair Trade activities.

1.2 Cruelty-Free, you bet. We can trace all ingredients back to the source via our Certificates of Analysis (CoA). Check out our blog post It’s all smoke and mirrors.

1.3 Transparency 100%. You know who we are, and you can speak with us, the guys who make the products. Visit and see for yourself. Plus, 100% ingredient disclosure on our website

(2) Health and wellness

We are seeing an overlap between beauty and health. Brands are looking at the inside to affect the outside. Consumers are expecting natural and freshly made skin and hair care. They want reduced use of synthetic ingredients, especially fragrances.

How is Indochine Natural doing?

Customers benefit from our creations. Products are all natural, simple to use and user-friendly. They are freshly made in small batches. Products promote self-care and wellness. We do not use any synthetics. Essential oils add aroma with a purpose. Mood enhancing for your personal optimisation, health and wellness.

(3) The wider environment

Consumers are becoming concerned about environmental issues. There are also growing issues of inequality and poverty. Consumers want to tap into brands that share these concerns. And are doing something about it.

How is Indochine Natural doing?

Our Australian Co-Founder, Dr. Mike Thair, is a scientist and takes a pragmatic approach to these issues.

3.1 Informing customers of environmental issues from a scientific perspective. Check out his blog posts:

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Can I bring my used bottle to be refilled?

Plastic bags – lifting the lid

Environmentalism a single issue plastic waste campaign?


3.2 We are actively involved in poverty alleviation. Indochine Natural strives to make a difference on planet earth. Indeed, to make the world a better place. Our Australian Co-Founder, Dr. Mike Thair, has been involved in poverty alleviation for 30+ years.

3.3 Actively involved in recycling.

Ten years ago we established an activity on Penang Island collecting and recycling used cooking oil. The added benefit is that this involved a group of rural intellectually disabled. They use this to produce liquid household cleaning products. The product has been a success, and this group are earning a sustainable income. It contributes to their economic independence.

(4) Comfort and safety

Customers are looking for safety and low-risk products. They are demanding products with fewer ingredients. They want full disclosure.

How is Indochine Natural doing?

Check out the transparent ingredient lists on our website. You be the judge. A minimal number of ingredients, and 100% plant. Questions, talk with us, the guys who make the products.


Please make your own decision on how we rate. And as always, any questions, please contact us. The artisans who make the products.


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