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We formulate Indochine Natural products to capture the essence of romantic escapism. Our products evoke the old-fashioned and pure values from simpler times.

And our exotic fragrances will take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely. This is essential to unplug and unwind after a busy workday. This should become a priority in your daily routine.

And the inspiration for our fragrances? The ancient spice trade between SE Asia and Europe. These were highly prized for their fragrance and healing properties. And the ancient “herb street” in Ha Noi where the Indochine Natural story started.

Make simple acts of self-care a part of your daily ritual to end the day: learn to unplug and unwind.

Once you arrive home, get done what you need to do. Then put your communication devices in aeroplane mode and out of sight.

Start with a cleansing face wash. Try our Patchouli Lavender Natural Face Wash . Discover the pure essential oil fragrance blend of Patchouli, Lavender, and Bergamot. It promotes relaxation and a balancing of your emotions.

Next, enjoy a long relaxing shower with our Geranium Natural Body Wash . The calming properties of Geranium will calm and relax. And helps to guarantee a tranquil sleep.

Finish off with Essence Des Plantes Organic Face Oil. The fragrance is exotically oriental, with a dash of the West. Flirt with oh-so floral  Ylang Ylang. A delicious wink of Geranium. And mellow out with Clary Sage.  The oils nourish your skin, the fragrance will nourish the soul. You are now ready to relax.

Finally, choose a relaxing essential oil of your choice. Try combining them with an oil base for a relaxing massage.  Or, use candles and room diffusers to create an ambience in your living space before sleep. Another use is to create your own personal relaxing room and linen sprays.

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Follow these rituals. Unplug and unwind. It will assure you a restful and energising sleep. You will awake refreshed. Ready to face another challenging day.

Here are a few more skin care tips.

Discover Indochine Natural today. And escape the ordinary.

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Dr Mike Thair

Master Formulator

Indochine Natural

Photo credit: Jared Rice

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