how to buy good quality essential oils

Video # 1: How to Buy Good Quality Essential Oils and Not Get Ripped Off

Unfortunately, it is challenging these days to buy genuine essential oils. Things have changed a lot since I first started working with essential oils 40 years ago. More and more unscrupulous traders are cashing in on this lucrative market. So, for you the consumer, how to buy good quality essential oils.

These days they  come to consumers via long supply chains. At every step of the supply chain there is potential for adulteration. They may be diluted with a cheaper carrier oil. Or, they may be mixed with cheap synthetics. Unless you are experienced, these can be difficult to detect.

However, there is one simple check you can do. Have a look at my video.  Remember, this is not the only check you should do. There are others. I will post more videos. Watch out for them.

Dr. Mike Thair

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