We won’t devalue the work of artisans

Rightly or wrongly, Indochine Natural prides itself on artisan made skin and hair care. We value transparency. You can talk with our artisans. Visit our Atelier de Cosmétique on Penang Island.  See products being created. And we won’t devalue the work of artisans.

And we challenge the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is with creations using only plant ingredients harvested by human hands. And also the way we source. The way we formulate. The way we sell.

Our creations are handmade without synthetic ingredients. Our level of quality certification is a rarity for artisan made skin and hair care. We hold Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification.

And we won’t devalue the work of our Malaysian artisans. You can’t put a price on quality and craftsmanship. We won’t devalue their work by constantly selling at discounted prices.

Also, we believe that products are about quality. And they are about people. They are about community. Human to human collaboration. It’s about quality over quantity.

Unfortunately, the skincare industry is too often subject to smoke screens used to cover the true origin of products. But these days consumers want to know where products come from. And who made them.

If you purchase mass produced skincare, you accept that huge numbers of identical items will need to be efficiently distributed to huge numbers of people. And that institutions such as advertising and marketing will be engaged to sell products. These days, one cannot exist without the other. But often the marketing costs outweigh the product cost. Consumers pay for this. Artisans lose out.

However, if you purchase artisan made skincare, you know what it’s made of, where it’s come from, and who made it. They weave personality into a product during the design and making process. It’s all about the people involved in sourcing and making the things we use. But these days your ability to purchase a product with ‘personality’ and substance is almost diminished. But, we’re seeing a quiet uprising; in times of social, environmental and economic uncertainty, people are realising the impact of seasonal throwaway culture, and concentrating more on quality and longevity.

The value of long-lasting products is something that often comes with experience. How many times have you purchased something cheap only to realise that it lasts for a short time? A garment that doesn’t fit, which loses colour after a few washes, or an item with a value so low that you simply don’t care about it and replacing it doesn’t really matter.

Over time, you end up repeat purchasing the same things until you’ve spent more than if you’d considered buying a well-crafted product in the first place.  Something made by the hand of a skilled artisan is unique and don’t we all want something unique?

Escape the ordinary. Discover Indochine Natural. Discover artisan made skincare.

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