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What makes Indochine Natural what it is today?

Ours is a brand that challenges the way the skin & hair care industry operates. The way we source. The way we formulate. The way we sell.

The photo is of me with my mum, Forrest Place, Perth Western Australia. This would be the mid-1950s.⁣

We were never a well-off family. But mum always dressed well. She sewed and made many of her own dresses. I remember the sewing machine and patterns. We were a family of making things.

Even today, in her mid-90s, mum dresses nicely. And she likes to live independently in her own home.⁣

As a kid, my leather sandals always fascinated me. The fragrance and texture of leather. The brass buckles. Mum’s wicker basket, the cane material, and how it was made. Again, it had a certain fragrance.

In the background of this photo, there is a guy pushing a wooden barrow. The wood used in its construction, and the solid metal wheels. How they were attached to the barrow. I wondered at the longevity of all these items. In those days, things lasted. We were not inundated with plastics and synthetics.

It is not surprising then that I’m still making things. And have stuck to the all-natural theme. Early in my career I qualified and worked in agricultural research. I developed an intimate knowledge of plants. Today I am fascinated by their essential oils and fragrances.

Also, the ancient trade routes that transported these from remote civilizations. Cinnamon from Africa. Lemongrass from India. Ginger, patchouli, and cloves from Indonesia. These routes remain today in our search for the best quality ingredients for our skin and hair care products. The methods used to produce these oils have not changed for centuries.⁣

At Indochine Natural I work with these colourful essential oils. They are quirky and expensive. And can be a difficult mistress to master. I’m part of a group of eccentric artisans passionate about natural fragrances. Intoxicated by their origins in distant, exotic lands. And intrigued by the traditions of essential oils.⁣ And this is what makes Indochine Natural what it is today.

It is these early influences that affect everything we do. Indochine Natural believes in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products all-natural, simple to use, and user-friendly.

And, we just happen to make amazing skin & hair care.

Discover Indochine Natural.

Dr Mike Thair⁣

Master Formulator⁣ & Co-Founder
Indochine Natural⁣

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