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What’s clean beauty?

It’s something everyone is talking about. But, there has never been a universal definition of the concept. While specifics vary, most brands agree on some key pillars of clean beauty. These include safety, sustainability, ethics, and transparency.

For you, the consumer, what does it all mean? It should deliver safe skin and hair care products. And, it should be something you can verify for a brand or a specific product.

What are the Indochine Natural proof points supporting clean beauty?


We produce our products in our own production facility. It is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production facility as mandated by the Government of Malaysia. This ensures that our finished products are effective and safe for market distribution.

Every ingredient we use is analysed and a laboratory Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is provided.

Our products are formulated by an experienced cosmetic scientist. They are handmade using time-proven traditional methods. Our Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair, is based in our HQ on Penang Island. He has a long history of skin and hair care formulation. So if you are asking, What’s clean beauty, then safety is important to you.


Indochine Natural is one of the few companies globally producing foaming liquid skin and hair care products from plant oils as an alternative to synthetic surfactants. We make products using only natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. We only use natural oils and plant material. We provide full ingredient lists on our website.

We only use recyclable plastic containers and actively take part in recycling and supporting community recycling initiatives. Again, for What’s clean beauty, this is important.

Fairtrade, integrity, and ethics

We don’t use sales staff, customers communicate directly with artisans. Our Malaysian artisans have attractive working conditions, contracts with proper leave, and overtime entitlements according to Government regulations. We provide health and safety equipment.

Monthly training sessions for staff capacity building are provided. And yes, we do not employ cheap foreign workers. We believe in capacity-building Malaysians. For What’s clean beauty, this is important.

Transparency and traceability

Products are ethically made using only plant ingredients that can be traced back to the source for every product produced. We have clear-cut documentation (Batch Manufacturing Records) for every product produced, and the ingredients used.

We work to make our supply chains as short as possible, demand transparency, and identify the opportunities and risks for the materials we source.

Put us to the test

What I would suggest is put us to the test on any of the above proof points. And if you think we don’t match up, let me know.

Dr Mike Thair

Co-Founder and Master Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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