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Discover niche skin care products. Let’s face it, buying skin and hair care items these days that are effective and at the same time do not expose us to toxins is becoming a challenge.

Also, consumers are overwhelmed by skin and hair care product choices. In fact, many claim to be safe and natural.  But the reality is they are not. Therefore, this then becomes a health issue. Equally important, it is important you understand the concept of Toxic Body Load.

Many years ago I suffered the consequences of Toxic Body Load. I started a search for all-natural skin and hair care to reduce my exposure to synthetic ingredients. I couldn’t find any. So I started to create my own.

Therefore, it makes sense to read labels carefully. This helps to avoid ingredients that may cause harmful side effects. Also, skin and hair care products marked as “natural” do not always live up to expectations.

In light of this situation, I have written easy-to-read guides to help you. Download these free. Check out Dr. Mike’s 10 Step Guide to Understanding Cosmetics Labels , and Have Your Body Care Products Been Angel Dusted?

Mass-produced vs. niche skin care products

The cosmetic and personal care industry is all about economies of scale, the more you manufacture the cheaper it is. Cost can be a major factor for consumers in product choice. Therefore, many brands keep costs low by using cheap synthetic ingredients.

Consumers’ attitudes have changed. They are more independent in making decisions. They may not be influenced by advertising or promotional campaigns They gather information through different channels. Consider various factors. Then make purchases. As a result, the price may be less of a factor in purchase decisions. Many customers are turning to niche skin care products.

People increasingly know about cosmetics safety issues. A series of problems arising from unsafe products have put consumers, manufacturers, and regulatory authorities on alert. As a result, all-natural and do-it-yourself (DIY) cosmetics have gained popularity in recent years. Here, home-based producers purchase ingredients themselves and tailor-make cosmetics and skin care products with their own formulas. Today, many of these products are highly commercialised, mass-produced, and sold through various e-commerce platforms.

However, many of these products have quality problems. They do not meet the regulatory and safety requirements for cosmetics. Most have not applied for cosmetics production and sales permits. If you are purchasing niche skin and hair care products, ask the producer if the product is registered with the national cosmetics authority.

If you are in Malaysia, you can check online. The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency has a database where you can check cosmetic companies and product status. Click on “cosmetic” and type in the company or product name. If registered, it will appear.

The Indochine Natural advantages

Indochine Natural is a producer of niche skin care products. This offers customers a number of benefits.

Compliance with regulatory and safety requirements for cosmetics

Indochine Natural has its own production facility on Penang Island. This facility is overseen and managed by Penang-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair. Also, The facility is certified as using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Therefore, products conform to strict cosmetic compliance laws. Not to mention, they meet international standards.

Rarity and exclusivity

Indochine Natural products are rare and exclusive because of their limited distribution. For this reason, our products are not mass-produced and are made by our artisans in small batch sizes. Our products are only available online or from our Factory Retail Outlet in Penang.

Therefore, this puts consumers close to the guys who make the products. You can communicate directly with them if you wish. You won’t have this opportunity with mass-produced products made in anonymous factories.

This rarity and exclusivity provide consumers the opportunity of choosing safe and effective products.


You won’t find Indochine Natural formulations on supermarket retail shelves. Indeed, there is a unique story behind our brand and product creations. Also, other brands cannot imitate our innovative concepts.

Our customers enjoy the privileges of bespoke skin and hair care regimes. Indeed, our products can be combined for individual skin care needs. Dr Mike Thair formulates our products to address the dilemmas of skin dryness, irritation, and sensitivity.


Many may view niche skin and hair care brands as expensive. However, as a niche brand, we have eliminated a lot of marketing expenses of the big brands. We have the luxury to refocus on where we spend our money. First, our preference is to invest in reality rather than fiction. We worked back up our production chain and made changes. We spend more on production and ingredient quality than investing in advertising smoke and mirrors.

Second, this means we invest in high-quality production equipment and globally source the best quality ingredients. And invest in the Malaysian artisans making our products. Therefore, we provide attractive salaries and working conditions.

In making these changes we produce skin care products that are four to five times more expensive to produce. Yet, we can still offer them at the same retail price as the big imported mass-produced brands. And, provide customers with quality that is superior to factory-produced mass-market brands.

Have we been successful? First, you are the judge. Second, please let us know what you think.

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Dr Mike Thair

Master Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

Photo Credit: Photo by Juniar Baresi

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