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There are some very good reasons to choose products made by a skilled cosmetic formulator?

Many skincare products available online are made by DIY enthusiasts. They have the passion, but often, not the necessary skills.

At Indochine Natural, our products are formulated by a world-renown expert. An Australian, Dr Mike Thair is our Master Formulator and Co-Founder. With a PhD, MSc, and Bachelor of Science qualifications, he is a well-qualified scientist.

With 40 years of experience, Dr Mike brings to our company a unique set of skills.

An understanding of the science of skin

Understanding the skin’s structure and physiology is fundamental to developing effective skincare formulations. Also, there is a need to have a good knowledge of the skin’s layers. Its various cell types.

Plus an understanding of skin absorbency. These all help in formulating more efficient products. And are all part of the skills required of a Skilled Cosmetic Formulator.

Also, an understanding of how the skin renews itself. How the ageing process works and how it impacts the appearance of the skin. Additionally, internal and external factors impact our skin health.

A qualified and experienced cosmetic formulator can design formulations that are stable and effective. A good cosmetic formulator knows what ingredients are necessary to create different types of formulas. For example, emulsions, balms, gels, and toners.

A skilled cosmetic formulator knows when to add a preservative, an emulsifier, or a solubiliser. Knowing the basic structure of each type of formulation allows the cosmetic formulator to improve a formula’s composition.

And to customise it under a product brief. Importantly, the competent formulator helps reduce waste and speeds up development time.

Defining formulating processes

In formulating, it is important to design a process that identifies the phase and optimal time to add each ingredient. The Skilled Cosmetic Formulator will know any incompatibilities between ingredients. And any special requirements they have such as needing to be added to the formula at or below a certain temperature or within a certain range of pH.

Research skills

Effective research skills will enable the formulator to identify the best botanical extracts. And the correct functional ingredients and the optimal way of adding them to the formula. This is a big part of a cosmetic formulator’s day-to-day activities.

Embracing failure & success

Experimenting is a large part of the daily activities of a Skilled Cosmetic Formulator.

For example, experimenting is essential in helping to understand the impact an ingredient has on the stability or skin feel of a formula. Sometimes it is necessary to create many formulas with the same structure, but varying just one component.

For example, it may be a different stabiliser, preservative, or botanical extract. This way you can get an idea of how they impact the skin feel or affect the preservation system of a product.

And yes, the skilled formulator must learn from the results. And have the skills to use these to reformulate if results don’t meet expectations.

And the benefits for you, the customer, of using a Skilled Cosmetic Formulator

Very simply, properly formulated skincare delivers what it promises. It’s that simple.

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